Sian Plays The Harp




Enjoyed my shoot on the weekend with Sian, a local musician. Sian plays the harp (the national musical instrument of Wales no less) and needed some shot’s to update her portfolio.
Enjoyed taking the pictures and the music sounded great too.

A favourite Photograph Of Mine

A favourite Photograph Of Mine

Every once in a while you find yourself in the right place at the right time and this whole photography game get’s really easy all of a sudden. No fancy lighting, no instruction from me and no re-takes. This remains one of my favourite weddings and favourite wedding couples I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. As I say, lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time and then you just go click.

More Portraits…

I do a lot of portraits. I’ve always been a photographer of people, it’s this aspect that drew me to photography and what keeps me doing it. My photography work is based on Wedding and Portraits for this very reason. For me there is nothing quite like the moment when you feel you have captured a great portrait of someone. Sometimes it can be easy, sometimes not so easy but it’s always interesting and can be so incredibly rewarding.

It’s always a privilege having the chance to photograph someone, it can be a paying client, a friend, family member or just an interesting face in a crowd. For anyone who has ever given up even a small amount of their time to allow me to make a portrait, I am forever grateful.



The Wedding of Wayne and Jodie

Had a great time shooting the wedding of Wayne and Jodie recently.

The whole wedding took place in the area where I am from so it was really nice to enjoy photographing a wedding so close to home, the reception was at the wonderful Bedwas RFC where the North family has had many a party of our own.

I thought I would share a small selection of the photographs with you here.




Project Nears Completion

A couple of months ago they demolished the Green Fly Working Men’s Club.

Sadly, pubs and clubs closing in these parts is all too common a sight these days, but losing The Fly hurt more than most. This was, after all, where I learnt to play snooker.

I took it upon myself to try and capture the club in it’s final days and the photographs I took have come together to form a nice reminder of the place.

I’m hoping to publish the work online and hopefully in print form also. I will post any news on this here.

In the mean time here is a small selection of some of the photographs.